Information about the bonus from RoboForex

RoboForex offers several bonuses.
Since only one bonus can be used per account, you will find the information for the Profit Share Bonus here. This is most likely to be recommended.

This bonus is up to 60 percent. The bonus can be used during the drawdown.

When can I keep the bonus?

If you deposit USD 125 into your ProCent account and choose the Profit Share Bonus 60 percent, you will be credited with USD 75 (7500 USD cents). That would be the minimum deposit for the Signal Invest21.

The deposited amounts and the bonuses are not blocked and are available for payout only if you reach the following trading volume in standard lots:

Number of lots = the bonus amount in USD / 2

7500/2 = 3750 Cent Lots have to be closed on the Cent account in order to be able to withdraw the whole amount (your deposit + bonus + profit of the bonus part).

If you want to invest the money for a longer period of time, these conditions are not a problem.
In the member area of ​​RoboForex you can control and manage the bonus. Go to Accounts, then My Accounts and select the appropriate account. Now choose Fund and then Bonus.

How do I get the bonus?

You must use the electronic deposit form in the RoboForex members area. There you can enter the Profit Share Bonus and select the percentage. The deposit must be made directly to the trading account (not to the wallet).

A maximum of USD 20,000 will be paid out for the Profit Share Bonus. This can be spread over several deposits and on different accounts.

You can find more information about the Profit Share Bonus HERE.

The conditions for the Profit Share Bonus are available HERE.